Step into the Future

Pulp & Paper Industry Magazine conducted an interview with Sergey Malkov, General Director of the Siberwood company on the construction of a new wood and chemical plant in the Krasnoyarsk Region.


In Russia there is a forest, and this is the main thing. The Russian forestry complex has to learn how to optimally use and competently renew the resources given by nature itself. The global trend today is an integrated deep wood processing, biorefining. Biorefining in the world chemical industry is many-sided. This is the production of biofuels and bioplastics, various composites for industry and construction, pyrolysis oils and medical preparations, such as, for example, microcrystalline pulp and dihydroquercetin. We decided to talk with Sergey Malkov, the general director of the Siberwood company, about which areas of biorefining will become general for the modern wood and chemical complex, the construction of which will begin as early as 2017, and about the project as a whole. We hope to continue our conversation with Sergey Malkov at the construction site of a new wood and chemical complex very soon, which has no analogues in Russia yet, and, therefore, to make a step forward in the future of the Russian timber industry complex.

Reference: Pulp mill for deep wood processing will be built on European technology - at the moment there are no analogues to it in Russia. The design capacity of the enterprise will be 930 thousand tons per year, including 600 thousand tons of bleached kraft pulp of the NBSK standard from coniferous species of wood (pine, spruce, fir) and 330 thousand tons of soluble pulp from birch. As a result, LLC Siberwood will become the only producer of dissolving pulp in the country, and the projected share of bleached market pulp produced by the plant will constitute at least 30% on the Russian market.

During the interview, Sergey Malkov answered the following questions of the correspondent of Pulp & Paper Industry Magazine:

  1. Please tell us about how the very idea of such a project originated? The last 50 years, the pulp and paper industry in Russia was in apparent stagnation and did not inspire a healthy optimism. How did your company decide on such a project?
  2. How has the study of world experience influenced the technologies that you are going to implement in this production? What productions abroad are prototypes or predecessors for this production in terms of technology?
  3. Why is not the purely ozone bleaching chosen, but a mixed stage bleaching, including the use of chlorine dioxide?
  4. What products do you plan to produce? Why these? Does the choice of produced products is influenced by the presence of certain type of wood in the area? Is it so, that, in addition to high-quality softwood, this project will also use deciduous wood?
  5. How will biorefining in Russian way differ, for example, from biorefining in Scandinavia, in the world? Greenfield projects here and abroad? What are the reasons for these differences and the choice of products produced? Does the following affect this: the preferences of local markets; presence of a certain raw material; presence of state programs in the field of deep wood processing?
  6. What state and commercial structures support this project? Please tell us about your partners.
  7. The launch of production is scheduled for 2020. Please share your plans for the next three years. What stages are planned?
  8. What characterizes the present moment? Is the development of pre-design stage is finished?
  9. When is it planned to start real construction?