The project team proceeds to the detailed design stage

Energoprojekt INDUSTRIJA a.d. is nominated as a General Designer for the development of detailed design documentation and a package of as-built documentation as part of an investment project for the construction of a new pulp mill. The scope of work of the General Designer is determined by the requirements for construction and commissioning and by the valid standards and regulations applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Energoprojekt INDUSTRIJA a.d. established in 1951 is currently a subsidiary of Energoprojekt Holding a.d. with the headquarters in Belgrade. Energoprojekt INDUSTRIJA a.d. provides the following services: design, including the development of feasibility study, conceptual design, all stages of design documentation: pre-design, basic design, detailed design and as-built documentation for the built facilities, as well as consulting, project management and engineering.

Energoprojekt INDUSTRIJA a.d. has developed more than 1,300 complex and challenging projects for industrial facilities. The company has references in Russia and worldwide: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, etc., having experience also in the pulp and paper industry.