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The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation considers the forest to be a priority strategic resource for Russia instead of the fallen in price hydrocarbons: the forest reserves of the country are estimated at $ 28 trillion. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is developing a new strategy for the development of a timber industry complex of Russia.


This on June 16 in the "Business Petersburg" newspaper office said State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Evtukhov at the round table devoted to prospects and problems of development of the timber industry complex of the North-West.


The plan of state program on development is approved to 2020.

The Russian Government has approved the plan of State program implementation “Development on forest management” for 2013-2020. The corresponding decree was signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.



2630 forestry and wood processing enterprises operates in Irkutsk region, follows from instalment of brief statistical handbook of Irkutsk region, published by Local agency of Federal State Statistics Service of Irkutsk region (Irkutskstat).



The first stage of the largest lumber factory in Siberia – Boguchansky timber complex has been brought into production today, on 5th of September 2014, in Krasnoyarsk Krai, ITAR-TASS referring to the government of the region.

The first stage of the Boguchansky timber complex includes saw-mill with the capacity of 440,000 cubic meters of timber per year, designed with the latest production technology of molding and building lumber of softwood sawlog. The cost of the investment project in forest exploitation is 86 billion rubles.


According to the Government Edict signed by Viktor Tolokonsky temporarily assuming the responsibilities of Government Executive, primarily investment environment in the economic field of forest-based sector of the region must be favorable, develop bioenergy and also put focus on the construction of wooden low-rise buildings.

Wooden low-rise buildings must be available and comfortable for young professionals from rural districts and evacuees from ramshackle buildings.


Production and export indicators of forest industry and pulp&paper industry by the end of the first quarter 2014 have demonstrated signs of revival.
The industries announced new investment project, press release by Finnish Forest Industry Federation (FFIF) says.


At the moment, pool of vacancies of the Federal Employment Service of Krasnoyarsk Region contains about 5 000 open positions published by enterprises, which realize investment projects at different sectors of economy including forest industry. The Agency of Labor and Employment reports that the indicator has reached its maximum in recent years.



The corresponding law in draft has been approved. The law aimed on increasing criminal and administrative responsibility for offenses in the forestry sector.
The measures taken should call upon reduction of economic attractiveness of law violence. Simultaneously, the law may allow claiming damages caused by the offenses.


The proposal by Ministry of Natural Resources aimed to resolve several problems. Key aspect of the plan is to organize specialized clusters. The major idea of such approach to give the sector an impetus considering economic, environmental and social conditions.