General manager

Mrs. Anzhelika Kryzhanovskaya, CEO

Born in the city of Tashkent. Holding degrees in economics, management of companies and business administration. Since 1988 she worked in several private companies as finance director and general director. In the period 2001 – 2010 she was general director of Management company of the Group of Companies „Euro-Silur“, and since 2010 of company „RusPromExpertiza“, active in the  sphere of  ecological, industrial and fire protection safety and investments.  Anzhelika is highly experienced  participant in the activities of civic organizations , a member of  Civic Council to the Federal Authority on Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Control, vice-president of the All-Russia sectoral association of employers „Association of companies and organizations securing  rational exploitation of natural resources and protection of living  environment „Ecosphera“. To Siberwood company she brings namely  her expertise as to legislative initiatives in the sphere of industrial safety at risk-prone  production facilities, civil defense, protection of population and territory against extraordinary events and fire protection safety.