Forest management

Bakteev Sergei, COO Forest Management

Born in 1959, in the city Bogotol, Krasnoyarsk Region. Graduated from the Siberian Technological Institute in 1981 as  processing engineer of woodworking. All careers associated with the timber and woodworking industry.

He has held senior positions in the woodworking, sawing and transhipment facilities . Since 1990 till 1998 year worked as the General Director of LLC "Igarka Sawmill Staging Plant",  in 1998 – 2004 - the General Director of "Igarka seaport", during 2004 - 2005 – an executive director of Plant under construction JSC "Yeniseisk LDK", 2007 - 2011 General Director of LLC "Siberian Forest-industrial partnership", from 2012 - Director of the “Massive" woodworking factory.

He has extensive practical experience in the organization and management of production. In the Project he is responsible for the planning and organization of Forest management.