Energoprojekt INDUSTRIJA a.d.


Full legal company name:  ENERGOPROJEKT Industrija plc., Public limited company for design, consulting and engineering of industrial plants and facilities

Company’s Web site: www.ep-industry.com

Company’s business card:

ENERGOPROJEKT Industrija plc. is the public limited company within ENERGOPROJEKT Holding Group. Since 1951 when founded a s a consulting company, ENERGOPROJEKT has grown into a complex business system, integrating 9 internationally active companies with its headquarters Serbia as well as 22 foreign companies, representative and branch offices abroad.

ENERGOPROJEKT Industrija with its head office in Belgrade Serbia, a branch office in Almaty, Kazakhstan and a representative office in Moscow, Russia through a period of over 67 years has developed a large spectrum of activities, always offering the highest quality and standards in the following fields: Wood Processing Industry, Pulp and Paper Production, Food-processing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Hospitals, Basic Chemistry Industry And Chemical Processing Industry, Textile Industry, Metal Working Industry, Ore And Metal Processing Industry And Transport Systems, Industrial Boiler Plants, Power Plants And Utility Systems, Nuclear Facilities, Non-metal And Building Materials Industries, Oil And Gas Systems, Non-industrial Buildings And Facilities, Environmental Protection – Ecology.

General professional profile:

ENERGOPROJEKT industrija plc is specialized for ENGINEERING (development of Feasibility studies, conceptual designs, basic designs, detail designs, as-built designs), CONSULTING (for preparation of design documentations, during contract negotiations, for services during execution of works – tendering, organization and coordination of works, cooperation with competent authorities, preparation and construction schedule, cost control, proving of design parametres, assistance in personnel training), PROJECT MANAGEMENT (planning and designing, contracting, procurement and logistics, execution/erection, site management, performance test, start up) and CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (construction and erection of industrial and other facilities and plants and technical systems with specialized subcontractors and suppliers of equipment using the system „turn-key“ I.e. main, general contractor). In various industrial fields, on the territory of former Yugoslavia and also in other countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, etc.) more than 1,300 projects of very demanding industrial plants and facilities have been developed and implemented by ENERGOPROJEKT Industrija.

ENERGOPROJEKT Industrija holds licenses for design and construction of the projects whose construction is to be approved by the highest authorities of the relevant county: 

- 32 licenses for rendering design and construction services in the Republic of Serbia;

- license for rendering design services in Russian Federation;

- license for rendering design services in the Republic of Kazakhstan – Category I .

Our company has implemented quality management system and is in possession of the following certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2011 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and its activities are fully compliant with the agreed and implemented procedures and guidelines.


MISSION – mission is rendering the top-quality and highly-professional services applying up-to–date technologies and know-how.

VISION – vision is to keep and improve our positions on the both domestic and international market with regard to our primary business activity and possibility to expand to other fields.

VALUES are based on the approach to the business which respects the interests of all parties and which is done in compliance with the legislation and fulfillment of all duties imposed by the social community and the country.

STRATEGY – strategy is to adapt itself quickly to changes, “defend” its gained position and constantly improve annual performance. Our tasks are strict planning and management of current business activities and permanent education, modernization and development in domain of design, consulting and construction.


Cooperation with the Sibirsky Les LLC:

ENERGOPROJEKT Industrija plc is a nominated General Designer at the stage of development of the Detailed design and A-built design for the new Pulp Production Mill located in the Krasnoyarsk Region of the Russian Federation.