Project Technologies

Production technology of high quality bleached market pulp

Details and advantages


  • Sulfate (kraft) process of pulp production

  • Modern ECF technology for pulp bleaching without the use of elemental chlorine

  • Сollection and incineration of malodorous gases

  • Closed cycle of production and chemical regeneration

  • Сomplex wood utilization including hardwood, low-grade wood, chips and wood wastes

  • Localized closed water cycles for minimum water consumption

  • High energy efficiency: complete self-sufficiency in heat and power

Chemical regeneration in pulp production


  • Chemical regeneration- integral part of the pulp mill

  • Chemical regeneration recovers up to 95-97% of chemicals, thus reducing their consumption

  • Production and supply of heat and electricity for own use and to external market

  • Effective separation of side fractions, sulphate soap, methanol, - for further processing

  • Due to modern technology of chemical regeneration the environmental impact is significantly decreased

  • In the project fossil fuels will be completely replaced with wood wastes


Biological treatment plant


  • The most modern 3-stage effluent treatment treatment

  • Micro-processing of effluent at the final treatment stage

  • Discharge characteristics at the level of background natural river values

  • Sludge pre-treatment before utilization

  • Effective aeration of effluent in multiway aerotank

  • Use of bioreactors with floating load